Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

Find information about waste and recycling services in the Stroud District.

Including general advice about reducing, reusing and composting your household waste.

Household waste and recycling

What goes in your wheelie-bin or bag (Collected fortnightly)

aerosols food tins and drink cans Foil Batteries  
household plastic packaging mixed glass plastic bottles  

None of these in your green bin

What CAN I put in my wheelie-bin or bag?

  • Plastic bottles & the lids
  • Yoghurt pots
  • Margarine or butter tubs
  • Large plastic ice cream tubs
  • Plastic fruit and vegetable punnets and food trays
  • Plastic ready meal trays
  • Food and drink cans; please rinse cans first
  • Empty aerosols
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Tin foil and other foil items, such as takeaway trays and pie cases
  • Household batteries (non-rechargeable only)

Recycling Video

Video By Maidenhill School

View a video produced by children at Maidenhill School, Stonehouse.

What goes in my green recycling box? (Collected fortnightly)

Mixed Paper Cardboard Cartons blank
What does not go in the recycling box!

What CAN I put in my green recycling box?

  • Paper, such as: leaflets, newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, envelopes (plastic windows removed)
  • Card and cardboard; cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, plain greetings cards (no glitter etc) and corrugated card
  • Food and drink cartons, eg Tetra Paks

Recycling Video

Video By Maidenhill School

View a video produced by children at Maidenhill School, Stonehouse.

Black bag rubbish (Collected weekly)

Black bag rubbish
  • Your black bags are collected weekly
  • Put them outside for collection by 6am
  • Black bag rubbish goes to landfill, so please recycle all you can

On your scheduled collection day we will leave a replacement black bag at your property.

What happens to our black sack waste?

All material collected through the weekly black sack collections get taken to Hempstead landfill site in Gloucester. Here it is mixed with inert waste like rubble and buried. In order to prevent natural resources getting lost in landfill, we would encourage residents to recycle as much as possible.

Assisted collections

Elderly and infirm residents may request an assisted collection for their domestic waste if they find it unmanageable. To arrange please contact us Tel. 01453 754 424 or email: recycling@stroud.gov.uk

Missed collections

For missed collections not caused by severe weather (it may be a vehicle breakdown or similar), please leave your refuse bin and / or recycling boxes out and we will make a collection as soon as we can.

Please use our online report it form the day following the missed collection, after 12 noon, if your bin has still not been emptied.

Missed Collections due to adverse weather conditions

We will always try to collect refuse and recycling on scheduled collection days, but adverse weather, such as snowy conditions, may mean that we are unable to do so.

If this happens:

  • we will try our best to return within TWO days, depending on weather and road conditions around the district. Therefore please leave your rubbish and recycling out for this period
  • if we have not managed to collect within TWO days, we will not be returning, so please bring your refuse and/or recycling back in and put it out for collection, as normal on the next scheduled collection day

For example:

If your collection was scheduled for a Wednesday and you have not received a collection, please leave your refuse and/or recycling out for collection until 6pm on Friday. However, if your collection falls on a Friday, because we cannot collect refuse on Sundays, please leave your waste out until 6pm on Monday.

Refuse (Weekly Collection)

If your refuse collection was missed for the reasons above please put it out for collection the following week.

Recycling (Fortnightly Collection)

If your recycling collection was missed for the reasons above please put your recycling out for the next scheduled date on your calendar.

FAQ's about the service

What is happening?

From Tuesday 3 July your improved recycling and waste service begins, allowing you to recycle more at home.

In addition to the items you can currently recycle, the improved scheme will allow you to recycle cardboard, plastic packaging and food and drink cartons. Weekly rubbish collections will continue as normal.

Why has the council changed the service?

  • Resident demand – We know from surveys carried out in the district that residents want to be able to recycle plastic packaging, cardboard and food and drink cartons. The service allows them to do that.
  • Recycling more of our waste reduces greenhouse gases and is better for the environment.
  • Cost – year on year the cost of sending our waste to landfill is increasing. This scheme aims to encourage residents to recycle more and is cost neutral for the council, and you the council tax payer.

I have noticed there is a tag on my bin, what does this mean?

We will be leaving tags as explained below:

Amber Tag - This is to let you know that the recycling you have presented was not in the right containers or unrecyclable. However on this occasion we have collected the materials presented as a one-off.
Red Tag - This is to let you know that we are unable to collect your recycling as it is not in the right containers or unrecyclable.

Will my recycling bin collection be at the same time of day as before?

Until the service beds in it is anticipated that collections will take longer than usual and some collections may take place in the evening. Please leave your recycling and rubbish out until it is collected, only contact us the day after to report a missed collection.

I live in a flat. How will I get the recycling service?

The service will be available for all flats throughout the district. Communal bins will be replaced to match the service by the end of July 2012, so residents in flats will be able to recycle the same items as everyone else in the district.

Why do we have to separate the materials into two different containers?

The improved recycling service is being delivered at no additional cost. This has been achieved because we have split paper, cardboard and cartons from the other items. These are classed as high value items and the income received for these offsets the cost of the service.

I don’t have enough space. Where do I put my wheelie-bin?

As the wheelie-bins make the service more efficient and cost-effective we would ask that all residents try to accommodate the new wheelie-bins. We have already identified households across the district that will not be able to accommodate a wheelie-bin, either due to space and storage issues or because their road is too narrow for a collection lorry to get down. These people have been contacted directly and will be given a durable recycling bag instead of a wheelie-bin. At the beginning of May, the council contacted all households informing them whether they were due to receive a bin or a bag.

I find my local site very convenient and use it frequently. Is it true that the council is considering reducing the number of recycling banks it operates?

Yes. In conjunction with the start of the service, the number of recycling banks will be reduced. These sites will be bigger and conveniently located throughout the district to ensure they remain close to residents; however, it is likely that some residents may have to travel further to use them. But as you will be able to recycle cardboard, cartons and plastic packaging at home this should make it easier for you.

These recycling banks will allow you to recycle the same materials that you recycle at home and textiles, books, DVDs, shoes and light bulbs, as well.

I have been allocated a bag, but feel I can accommodate a bin. Is it possible to change?

Possibly. If your property is collected by a larger recycling vehicle that has a bin lift then we can change you from a bag to bin, just give us a ring. If you are collected by one of our narrow round vehicles these will not have a bin lift, so unfortunately you have to remain on bags.

When developing the collection rounds, in order to balance the work between different vehicles, a small number of properties that could receive a collection from a larger vehicle had to be moved to a narrow round. If you feel this is the case for your property, please contact us from August onwards and we will try to accommodate you.

At present I do not receive assisted collections for my landfill and kerbside box collections, but I am concerned I will not be able to manage the wheelie-bin. Am I eligible for an assisted collection for this element of the service?

Possibly. Please contact our customer service team on 01453 754424 who will consider your request.

What happens to the recycling once collected?

With just the recycling box, collection crews separated the recycling into different compartments at the kerbside. This will change when the collections start in July.

A refuse collection vehicle with 2 compartments will be used to collect recycling. One compartment will be used for the contents of the kerbside box (paper, card, cardboard, cartons) and the other for the contents of the wheelie-bin (glass, plastic, metal, batteries). This material will then be taken to our contractors depot in Whitminster where it will be deposited in 2 separate bays.

The paper, card, cardboard and cartons will then be transported to a paper mill in Kent for recycling. The glass, plastic, metal and batteries will be transported to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) where they will be segregated and then taken to a reprocessor.

Why can I not just get an additional recycling box to present the extra recycling?

Two of the aims of the recycling improvements are to increase the amount of storage capacity residents have for recycling and to improve the street scene. We have found that light materials (plastic bottles especially) blow out of the kerbside box on windy days. We want to prevent this by using the wheelie-bin.

Will the waste bins be fitted with microchips?

No – None of the waste containers (boxes or wheelie-bins) will be fitted with microchips.

Can I get a smaller or larger bin to match the amount of recycling produced by my household?

Unfortunately not. The council is providing all households with 240 litre bins. If you don’t produce a lot of recycling, please note it does not need to be put out on every collection date. If you find the bin is not big enough, please ring us and we can discuss how we can assist you.

How much will all of the service changes cost?

This improved scheme has the same financial cost as the previous collection system. It will not cost you, or the council, any more than the existing scheme.

Currently I receive an assisted collection for my black bag waste and kerbside box collections. Will the same service be available for the wheelie-bin?

Yes. If you currently receive an assisted collection for your waste and recycling box, this service will automatically be extended to include your wheelie-bin. All we ask is that residents keep all three containers in the same place. If you are unable to do this, please contact us no 01453 754424.

Why is the council not providing wheelie-bins for landfill waste?

The improvements to recycling are being undertaken at no additional cost, including the purchase of the wheelie-bins for recycling. Introducing wheelie-bins for your waste would have cost more money to buy the bins and adapt the vehicles to collect them. At a time when local authorities are facing reductions in their budgets, this was not a viable option, and we did not want to increase your council tax.

I have lost my collection calendar, can I get another one?

Yes please email: recycling@stroud.gov.uk or call 01453 754424 an ask for a replacement.

Will my collection day change?

It is possible that a small number of households may need to change their collection day. If this is the case, we will write to you to let you know.

My bin has been delivered and the lid will not shut properly. Is the bin broken?

When the bins are transported the lids become slightly warped. As a result when they are delivered to your property the lid may not close correctly. After a few days the lid will settle down. If after leaving it for a week you still feel your lid is broken, please get in touch.

Where can I find out more information about the service?

There are currently three ways you can find out more:

  • This page will be updated in the run up to the start of the scheme.
  • Reading information leaflets on the scheme that will be delivered to all properties. Residents should receive an introductory leaflet in April/May and then an information pack when their wheelie- bin is delivered.
  • Email us: recycling@stroud.gov.uk
  • Ring the council on (01453) 754424.

Will I still need to sort and bag up the different recycling items?

No. There is no need to sort or bag up your items separately. Please just put all recyclable items into your bin or box loose. We cannot recycle carrier bags, so ask that you do not put any into your recycling bin or box.

Can I leave lids on bottles and labels on jars?

Yes, you can leave the lids on your plastic or glass bottles and jars. You can also leave labels on your bottles, jars and cans. It's best to give them a rinse before putting them into your bin or bag though to prevent them from smelling.

How do I know what is foil and what isn’t?

The general rule is; if you can squash it and it doesn't spring back it is recyclable foil. Foil isn't just the stuff that comes on a roll, it also includes things like takeaway trays and pie and cake cases.

Where should I present my wheelie-bin for collection, and where should I store it on my property?

As the crews and rounds would have changed we will ask you to present the bin at the curtilage of your property where it is clearly visible.

We would ask that bins, boxes and bags are presented for collection no later than 6am on the day on your scheduled collection date and taken in on the evening of the scheduled collection.

I have not received my wheelie-bin, what can I do?

If you have not received your recycling container and information pack by 29 June, please email us recycling@stroud.gov.uk or call us on: 01453 754424.

If my bin is stolen or broken/damaged while being collected, will I have to pay for a replacement?

There will be no charge for the replacement of stolen or broken bins if it is damaged by the vehicle when emptying or wear and tear.

My question hasn’t been answered. What can I do?

Email it to us at recycling@stroud.gov.uk

Local recycling sites

Household Recycling Centres (Tips)

Gloucestershire County Council operates two Household Waste Recycling Centres in the Stroud area.

Opening times

9.00am - 6.15pm Monday to Sunday*. These hours will stay the same all year round.
*except Christmas Day and New Years Day

These sites accept a wide variety of materials for recycling including, paper, cardboard, textiles, garden waste, plastic bottles, engine oil, vegetable oil, light bulbs (traditional and energy efficient), fluorescent tubes, beverage cartons, glass, metal, wood and timber, batteries. Coupled with this you can also take waste for landfill and rubble.

Please remember to plan your visit and avoid peak times

Weekends and bank holidays tend to be the busiest periods and you should expect delays. The quietest periods are at the start of the day (9.00am – 10.00am) and at the end of the day (between 4.00pm and 6.00pm).

Recycle more items

There are a number of recycling sites across the district where you can recycle all the items you can at the kerbside as well as books, DVDs, CDs, textiles, shoes and light bulbs. Every site has exactly the same facilities.

  • Berkeley, Marybrook Street car park, GL13 9DB
  • Cainscross, Stroud District Council car park, GL5 4JW
  • Cam, Stroud District Council car park beside Tesco, GL11 5PS
  • Dursley, Kingshill Parade, GL11 4EJ
  • Stonehouse, High Street car park, GL10 2NG
  • Stroud, Cheapside car park, GL5 2AD
  • Nailsworth, The Old Market, GL6 0DU

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) banks

At the above locations you can also now recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The following small appliances CAN be accepted:

  • Hair dryers
  • Electronic Shavers
  • Irons
  • Kettles
  • Household Telephones
  • Adapters and Chargers
  • Cameras
  • Computer game consoles
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Mobile Phones
  • Power tools
  • Remote controls
  • Toasters
  • Small radios

The following large appliances CANNOT be accepted

  • TVs
  • Computer monitors
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Microwaves

Reuse items

Don't throw it away, give it away!  Freegle is a network of local groups where you can give stuff away when you want to get rid of it

Don't throw it away, give it away! Freegle is a network of local groups where you can give stuff away when you want to get rid of it - but don’t want to throw it away because it still has some useful life left in it.

There are 2 local groups in the Stroud District:

Other types of waste

Bulky items

 The charge for a bulky collection is £15 for up to three items and then £5 for each item after that.

To book a bulky collection please view our bulky collection booking page.

Commercial waste

Businesses have an obligation to ensure that waste arising from their activities is disposed of in a safe and controlled manor. This means:

  • Waste needs to be stored in a secure fashion so that no one else can tamper with it.
  • When it is taken for disposal, either by someone in house or an external company, it is imperative that they have a valid Waste Carriers Licence relevant to the type of waste.
  • Either on a collection by collection frequency, or yearly "milk round" basis a valid Waste Transfer Note is required outlining where the waste has been sent either for disposal or recycling.

Stroud District Council does not operate commercial waste collections but there are a number of companies both within the District and the County who provide this service.

For further information on how to handle your waste


Why Compost?

The average household bin contains 43% of organic material which could be composted. This includes items such as eggshells, tea bags, fruit and vegetable peelings. This rots in landfill sites fairly quickly, but when buried like this, it produces methane which contributes significantly to global warming. These materials can be easily composted either in a traditional compost heap or a special bin. In addition to this, grass cuttings, leaves, pruning and small plant clippings can also be composted. Composting is an excellent way of reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Compost helps your garden and minimises the need for chemical fertilisers that can harm the environment and are costly to buy. Home made compost is equally as good and is absolutely FREE. By composting you also cut down on the need to buy peat based products. Most commercial compost comes from peat bogs - these provide natural habitats for rare plants and animals and are almost extinct.


How do I start composting at home?

Collect your kitchen waste (use an old plastic container in the kitchen) and garden waste and use one of the three ways to compost at home:

1) Pile it into a heap in an allocated part of the garden (on bare soil), cover with something waterproof and let nature do the rest.

2) Buy a compost bin

  • To support local recycling efforts, cut price compost bins are on offer. Prices start from £8.49, plus £5.49 delivery charge. Order from www.gcc.getcomposting.com

    Alternatively Tel: 0844 571 4444

3) Build a compost bin/heap

You can make your own compost bin from wood (old pallets are useful), wooden posts and wire mesh lined with thick cardboard or old carpet. Cover it with carpet, a wooden lid of black plastic to keep the rain out and heat in - this will help quicken the rotting process.