Stroud District Council

Supporting information - facts and figures

Most applications for funding require a range of background information relating to the area you live in, the age of the population, the demographic profile etc.

In order to make accessing this information easy we have created a number of links to websites which provide the most up to date facts and figures on all these areas.


Gloucestershire's Multi-Agency Information Database

MAIDeN (Multi-Agency Information Database for Neighbourhoods) has been developed as a tool to support Gloucestershire's many public service partners in integrated service planning, bidding for challenge funding and partnership development.

The MAIDeN database contains a wide range of social economic and service indicators for each of Gloucestershire's 146 wards. The ward database is only a part of what MAIDeN can deliver. Other services provided include:

- Profiles of 'real' communities other than wards villages, housing estates, catchment areas etc
- Advice, data analysis, interpretation, mapping and information consultancy to contributing agencies.

MAIDeN will also endeavour to host any separately funded data and/or information projects on behalf of contributing agencies. This MAIDeN Project is under constant development, and we hope to be able to update and improve the web-site at regular intervals.

Some of this information is restricted because of data protection but work is currently been undertaken to make as much of this as possible accessible to organisations for whom it would be useful.

For further information please telephone 01452 426 891
or e-mail:

Additional Census Information

The County Council has also developed a series of key variable from the 2001 census which may be useful together with a series of articles, publications and strategic documents.

This information can be found on the Gloucestershire County Council website at Locate by typing in 'census' as a specific search or by dropping down the 'C' menu under the A-Z of services.

National Statistics

Information can be found on the Office for National Statistics website at